BRIEF – 2020 SWA

2020 Southwest Airlines Brief

NOTE: Original Brief is Closed but submissions of this type are still needed and being accepted!


Here is a transcript of the spoken brief above:

“Hi, my name is Charise Miles. I am also known as the singing flight attendant. I am here at Gary Gray’s studio. This brief is going for Above And Beyond Music. I am looking for demos and finished productions. This production will be going for a commercial and it’s going to go straight to the CEO of Southwest Airlines, Gary Kelly. I need for the music to be uplifting, positive and inspiring, and a reference for this song can be Don’t Worry Be Happy.”

Submit: Full Vocal Version and Instrumental Version


Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin

This reference was given by the originator of the brief.

If you would like to submit for this brief:

Use the BounceBoss Critique Platform


October 15 represents the date by which all ABM members need to upload to BounceBoss at least their first version SWA mix (or demo). (Demos are acceptable for people who do not have production experience).

I’ve already started to Critique SWA submissions. I will Critique SWA submissions FOR THOSE WHO HAVE SUBMITTED AT LEAST THEIR FIRST VERSION MIX (or demo) BY OCTOBER 15.

On November 15, I will then set a SECOND LEVEL BOUNCEBOSS UPLOAD SUBMISSION APPROVAL DEADLINE. This will be widely published to all ABM Personnel.

Definition of SECOND LEVEL BOUNCEBOSS UPLOAD SUBMISSION APPROVAL: When you receive a critique from me which says, “This track is now ready for Charise to lay down vocals on, and is ready for Gary Gray to complete producing,” you have reached the second level of approval. If you receive that exactly worded critique from me personally, your track will be sung by Charise, with final production and mastering done by me.

Your track will then be considered for the THIRD LEVEL of approval.

Definition of THIRD LEVEL APPROVAL: Your track will be submitted to SWA for consideration for their 2020/2021 advertising campaign.

If you reach the THIRD LEVEL APPROVAL stage, your track will advance and have a chance at the FINAL APPROVAL STAGE.

Definition of FINAL APPROVAL: Your track is chosen to be placed on an SWA Commercial.

Rules and Guidelines:

0. Listen to the spoken brief above and read the transcript of the brief. Read all of the instructions on the brief.

1. If you do not submit a track for the SWA Brief by October 15, you will not be able to advance to the second level of approval.

2. The second level of approval occurs when a person receives a critique which reads “This track is now ready for Charise to lay down vocals on, and is ready for Gary Gray to complete producing.” To qualify for the SECOND LEVEL, your approval needs to be received by the SECOND DEADLINE which will be announced publicly on November 15.


3. You will raise your odds at getting to the second level of approval if your track is as professionally produced as possible. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but obviously, the better the presentation, the better your chances. Therefore, if you feel you need help producing your track, reach out to other ABM family members and COLLABORATE!

4. On November 15, when the Second Level Deadline is announced, I will also announce all the details on what deliverables I need (how the stems are to be separated, etc.).

Good Luck!