Get Your Songs Critiqued

Have a great song that you love but not sure it's ready for radio airplay or prime-time commercial sync licensing deals? Get a thorough written critique of your track by award-winning producer Gary Gray. See how Gary and his students consistently get LUCRATIVE Film and TV sync placements! Gary will help you improve the writing, arrangement, composition and production in your songs and guide you to understand where improvements can be made and what strengths you have as a songwriter, producer and artist... and much more! See the sample critiques below.

"No other critiques anywhere in the world of music match this depth and helpfulness." - Jay

Getting your music professionally critiqued and produced by an experienced award-winning producer is not cheap, so most artists skip this step in their creative process because of cost, or not knowing who to turn to. This leaves them with tracks that are okay, but still need some work before they're ready for prime-time streaming or commercial licensing.