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Award Winning Composer, Multi-instrumentalist, Engineer, and Producer Gary Gray has helped hundreds of artists produce masterpiece recordings. Along the way, Gary and numerous artists he has worked with have been recognized with a steady flow of nominations and awards!

“Gary Gray is a master. His orchestrations fit my songs like a second pair of pants, and made them 10 times better.” – Marty Balin, Founder of Jefferson Starship, Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter

"Hey Gary thank you SO much! Working with you is changing my life 🙂 What I’m learning with you is opening my eyes in so many ways – not just in terms of learning the tricks of the trade, but also in terms of dispelling the lies that destroy confidence and creativity.  I owe so much of this to your amazing guidance." – Liz, New Artist Model Graduate and Marketing Guru

“I chose the track that Gary mixed and mastered as the single for the major motion picture soundtrack for ‘Beneath The Darkness’ starring Dennis Quaid. Gary nailed the mix and the master. Exactly what I needed.” – Mason Cooper, Music Supervisor Songrunner Ent. Hollywood



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